It is true... we hit a few snags during the process of putting "They Come At Night."

First we wrote the script... not bad and there were many aspects of it that we loved however, I believed that our talent had a lot more to offer. With a few massages the script could be great. 

We created a comprehensive budget after working with the special effect team. Working with other possible cast members, and scouted locations. Our mission and goal was that everyone participating should get paid. A good goal I thought and I still believe that. I personally have been involved in several films and while many of you may have never been involved in making a film... the money is not always as plentiful as you many think. Not everyone gets paid and personally I believe it causes resentment and I have experienced that personally. A lot of us do it for the love of the industry... however, love does not pay the bills or put food on the table.

The budget for the special effects actually was about 3 times more than we thought they would be. We looked at it hard to see where we could cut out some of the effects. The was a bit of a set back.

The final straw was when we all got very busy in our respective careers... that's right we got busy making money in other aspects of our lives. This was a good thing because of the looming budget. Ironically us all making money we put the project on the back burner for now.

The Come At Night Crew

What have I been doing during this very busy time... I just finished producing a syndicated radio show that ran for 14 years and was the worlds largest home business radio show. 

I also won the 2013 Rising Star Award from the company I work and spoke on stage in Las Vegas in front of 1,5000 plus people.

In the process I have been introduced to many producers, actors, and helped market a film that raised $350,000 for production.

Everything I have learned and the people I have met over the past few months will come into play when we continue this project. It just may have been a very productive several month that will lead to the success of this project... or any other project we decide to do. Can't mention any names right now.

Thanks for all your support!
Marianne Niehaus - Executive Producer

Several months ago we received a call from Kevin Campbell about a web series that him and Tim Miller were thinking about producing. Kevin had worked with Kira Niehuas when she was was 15 and felt  she had a real talent. Kevin had always hoped to work with Kira again. He approached her and I about the idea. Kira is use to blood and gore in her previous films. In "BackSlash" blood form her unsuspecting kidnapper was projected across her face and body when he was murdered by the "real" killer! And in "Gnerosity" Kira in a rage kills a well deserved bad guy.

The first meeting was at a coffee shop where Tim and Kira met for the first time. Ironically they were in "BackSlash" but Tim and Kira were never on at the same time.

The conversation was disjointed as Kevin and Tim tried to explain their idea. We all expressed our ideas and made our comments, when the meeting was done the possibilities were realized. Of course part of the discussion was how would we raise the funds to do something like this. Kevin Campbell did a lot of research on budgets, possibilities of fund raising while Tim, Kira and I began building out list of "Who." A book I read and hold dear to my hear, "The Power Of Who." written by someone I admire and have spoke to Bob Beaudine. As we all know, it is not about what you know but "Who" you know, what it really comes down to is your "Who" is the person you can always go to, they are there to help how ever they can.

Our first attempt to shoot our  promo video was a disaster to say the least. We scheduled an early morning  shoot on Tim's ranch where planes few over unexpectedly, a wind storm came up out of no where and doors and gates were slamming all around us. We then tried to meet at a park in Denver in a possible quite area. Shortly after we had the camera set up again with the wind. We finally set up in my car and proceeded to try to shoot our promo video. Picture above is Tim and Kira being good sports at our persistence at trying to accomplish what we had stared out to do. Alas it also came out like crap and we set our sites on another day... third time is a charm and we came up with our current promo. Let us know what you think and thanks for stopping buy! 


    My background is in production and art direction. I am excited to bring my talents to this project and hope you enjoy reading about the behind the scenes.


    September 2013
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